Monday, June 9, 2014

God's work on street in New York

-story board-


This project is about documentation of my local church in Elmhurst "International Full Gospel Fellowship" (IFGF) which doing prayer station service at Elmhurst park every friday at 11am to 2pm.
Elmhurst park has known for gambling problems, but a lot people around the park who desperate finding help for their problem. One of the solutions is pray, which is unlimited, free, and powerful for one who have faith in it.

Many people who come every day to gamble. Elder, youth, women with kids, Chinese, Hispanic all mixed up.

Try to get some luck before going to work, "Maybe I can earn some extra money."
The reality he lost much more than we thought.

They do not realize if they trapped on jail of gamble. The unending cycle that would drain their time, attention and money.

Elmhurst park also known as a check point of shuttle bus to some casino places. The place that will suck all of your money. Play more spent more....

His name is Mr. Benny Laurent. He is a businessman owning a credit card machine company. He use his ability to convince people to learn more about God. He likes to tell story about Jesus to whoever cross in front of the prayer station.  

Lets meet another great person. His name is Foliong Chang. On friday he works afternoon at Japanese restaurant so he joins the prayer station. He likes to give people a little story book about God. He is very passionate about this activity.

These are free mini story books about God that we distribute to the people on the street. There are many different languages. we try to provide as best as we can.

Every friday, just about 12 o'clock Salvation Army joined us in same spot to share foods. People are lined up to get free food.

Most of them don't care about what is the catch of all this but, as long as its free they pretty much happy and willing to wait.

These are the Salvation Army Soldiers, (from left) Carlos, Praja, and Sebastian. Carlos is a christian but Praja is not a christian he is a Hindu and Sebastian is a catholic. They work voluntarily to provide food for people in Elmhurst park. So it's all not about religion but the act of giving. 

About 12.30 this car came and start distribute a free bag of bread and the line was hiked up. Of course for park people great about free food. But for the giver its love that we share to them.

His name is Mr. Eun So Young. He lives on one of apartment around Elmhurst park. He is reading the book that he got from our prayer station. His friend make fun of him because he don't know how to read. "I enjoyed the pictures." He said.

Picture of one of the homeless after he received the given food. He ran back to his place on the one of the alley in Elmhurst subway station. This image capture the his rush moment with upside down hearth sign and pointed down finger. Its like a choice if you want to go back to "underground" place.

Her name is Diana Jeong. She wants to quit smoking so she ask help if we can pray for her. Sure but the answer is in your self, do you really want to quit smoke cigarette?

Grandma said "a prayer a day could make my body stay healthy." Keep healthy grandma!

I can feel the presence of Lord! God says Let you be heal by your faith and not by what your strength.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Central Park Project Photo Journalistic

I believe most of people been to Central Park New York. In some days this park is very crowded by Tourists. Actually if we very careful observe, some New Yorker do in purpose pass this park on their way of going to work, jogging around, or spending time with their family. I created a sillouet photos to let us observe more about people in Central Park.